Book Review Writing Services

Not only does the enamouring world of books beget a huge impact on the voracious readers, but also acts as a potent stimulus for the budding writers. However, in the present day and age with a bevy of new-age writers arriving in the scene, you have to go that extra mile to spawn a thundering response for your book, to turn into a bestseller.

Book Review Writing Services

Book Reviews encapsulate a genre of writing aimed at cultivating the right audience. Writing a book review is as pivotal and discerning as a peer reviewing the submitted manuscripts for the purpose of publication.

Professional Book Review Services goes much beyond than merely summarizing the content. A boon both for the author and publishing house, it is an essential marketing tool that offers an in-depth analysis of the book in order to stir up a huge momentum around it.

At VerticalWriting We Ensure Just That and More

Our reviews are more than just a sneak peak. We strive to convey the essence of the book to easily persuade the reader to leaf through its pages. Our writers evaluate the book for accuracy, interest, thoroughness, objectivity; explore the subject the book raises; and offer analysis of how it achieves it purpose.

Integrity in Diversity

Our book review writers hail from diverse backgrounds-editors, journalists, engineers, management graduates among others. With years of experience in writing, they are expert at capturing the pulse of the readers.

No matter what genre of book it is, just rest assured of the fact that it will garner the maximum exposure through our services. Let us share a few examples:

Scenario: Troupe of Writers with Spectacles

How The Troupe of Writers Review The Books?

  • Mystery/Thriller: Our ingenious bunch of writers concocts a strong mental image through thrilling character sketches. Our book reviews fiction replete with lulls and peaks for accentuating the impact.
  • Business/Financial Book Reviews: Entrust us to write something that will instantly draw not only top shot business man but anyone with even a slight interest in the world of profit making.
  • Academic/Professional Book Reviews: Our proficient writers have mastery at diverse topics that make them pro at marketing these books.
  • Fantasy Book Reviews: As the book itself, our writers know how to weave magic in the detailed analysis of the book.
  • Autobiographies/Biographies/Journal: Our focus lies on highlighting the glorious body of work of the personality on which the book is written that work as motivating work to read his/her account. We also emphasise on including the new perspectives and insights of the celebrity that the book throws light on.
  • Science Fiction: Science fictions transport you to different realms while making you explore a host lot of diverse opportunities. Welcome to the world of time machines, aliens, robots, spaceships, freaky gadgets! Our creative writers offer a rendezvous with these characters while taking you to a swift ride into imaginary lanes that will leave the reader yearning for more.
  • Historical Novels: Take a stroll down the pages of history with the writers.
  • Romantic Book Reviews: Whether it is the mushy romantic themes or classic love sagas, trust our writers to review it with equal passion.
  • Inspirational/Self Help Book Reviews: Our motto lies on inspiring the reader to know more about the book.
  • Children’s Books: Fairytales, folktales, fables, legends, fantasy, picture/pattern books, poems, stories and books, we cover a long list. Our book reviews for kids are specifically written in an interesting and innovative manner from the Children’s point of view.

We cover these among a horde of others. Who knows, you may discover a new favourite!

VerticalWriting Offers You The Custom Book Reviews You Always Wanted

Scenario: A chimp eating nuts

In a nutshell, our review focuses on:

  • Bibliographic Details
  • Brief Description of Entire Content
  • Character Analysis, Theme Analysis and Custom Plot Summary
  • Brief Description of the Impact
  • Contribution of the Book
  • Usefulness and Importance to the Intended audience
  • Comparison it with Similar books or Other books Of Same Writer
  • Final Assessment

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