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War of Words

Irrespective of how brilliant and appealing your eCommerce store looks, or how elegant and user-friendly its navigation is, ultimately your prospects will make the final buying call based on some piece of information they read. In the end, the effectiveness with which your eCommerce website will convert visitors pivots on WORDS.

Spruce up Your eCommerce Writing with VerticalWriting

At VerticalWriting, we believe that fresh, engaging and persuasive eCommerce text can help your online store increase its sales. Besides, unique product descriptions also help you escape Google’s Panda, Penguin and other such ‘content plagiarism’ related algorithm penalty, which can otherwise adversely affect online retailers who use invariably the same manufacturer/ supplier descriptions or reproduce product descriptions from competitors.

The Daunting Task of Writing Effective eCommerce Product Copies

Majority of the eCommerce websites hardly have any content on product pages. Otherwise, they have manufacturer’s copy that is not sync with their tone of voice, or brand persona and which, Google considers plagiarised content. It is for this reason, that fresh and SEO friendly eCommerce copywriting makes a big difference – it induces the possibility of increasing search traffic by more than 50% and conversion rates in excess of 30% on maximum websites.

In a miniscule space of typically 60-80 words, it is a challenge to write cogent and compelling product descriptions, primarily because they need to:

  • Pronounce the benefits of the product in a winning manner, and the difficulties it solves
  • Further highlight the significant features demonstrated through the product images
  • Use SEO keyphrases to improve the search engine reckoning of the page
  • Differentiate the product from the competition to stimulate purchase
  • Give the prospects enough reasons to buy the product from your website versus others

The Difference That VerticalWriting Can Make

Potential customers cannot see or touch your product since it is not physically available in front of them. Professional eCommerce copywriters at VerticalWriting anticipate the needs of your website visitors while convincing them that your store can be trusted to provide first-rate products. Inspiring trust and persuading them to make the final purchase decision are difficult things to do employing words alone; yet, with adequate domain understanding and expert writing skills, our content writers make it achievable.

So, if you want an eCommerce website flaunting your product’s usability, practicality and advantages that gives customers a reason to buy, please write to us at

Whom We Cover?

Many successful online businesses and eCommerce stores partner with VerticalWriting for creating distinctive, appealing content to sell their products. We support some of the following industry verticals:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Footwear and Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Home Appliances
  • Household and FMCG
  • Personal Care Products
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Sporting Goods
  • Industrial Products
  • Medical Equipment