Providing a wide assortment of merchandise, electronic goods, furniture, home and kitchen appliances

About the Client

Providing a wide assortment of merchandise, electronic goods, furniture, home and kitchen appliances, and more; the client is a UK based leading online shopping portal. The firm caters to all kinds of shoppers with 35 product categories as well as ten product variants.


The client was searching for avenues to promote their own website and to draw prospects from all over the world. The emphasis was also laid on developing a premium site, which could stand head and shoulders above the rest. Every product had nearly 30 content attributes such as:

  • Features
  • Salient Highlights
  • Short and Long Descriptions
  • MRP and Selling Price
  • Color
  • Accessories
  • Dimensions

Need for Outsourcing

With content turning into a defining element especially in the sphere of Search Engine Optimization, its value and usefulness has increased manifold. The client knew how critical it was to have unique and compelling content on their website if it wished to position itself as a brand to reckon with on the big wide world of ecommerce. Since the strength of the client was in logistics as well as backend integration, they opted to outsource their content writing requirements.

Real Challenge

They needed hundreds of descriptions written, edited and uploaded every day while there were also newer categories that were being added on a regular basis. The client needed extensive content for the web portal and even the smallest error, they believed, could considerably harm their brand image. Therefore, they needed a professional firm that could provide useful content based on adequate research and oodles of creativity.

Content writing, unlike general writing, is a potpourri of varied things including creativity, technical know-how, and sound marketing knowledge. Professional writing agencies are attuned to multiple kinds of content writing, which enables them to offer perfect end-to-end solutions for varied industry verticals. The client firmly believed in these facts, and therefore, was looking for a dependable offshore team.

They wanted the following requirements to be fulfilled:

  • To make the content as user-friendly as possible for the purpose of easy navigation
  • To make the content useful and informative
  • Optimum density of SEO based keywords
  • Incorporate everything that existing as well as prospective clients search for.

The Solution

The company decided to hire Vertical Writing to launch an aggressive content marketing plan to catapult the rankings and enhance awareness about the company. The team at Vertical Writing did their research on the client’s business, niche market and customer behavior, and wrote copies that convincingly called for action. Strictly adhering to quality and process, they processed hundreds of SKUs with razor sharp technical accuracy.

The Results

The client praised Vertical Writing for the premium content it rendered, the efficiency with which it managed such volume, and for timely delivery. The copies helped attract significantly more traffic of visitors to their website and sell significantly more products.

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