Content is Currency! Create content that is relevant, adds value, and helps you sell.

Be it copywriting for websites or social media, newsletters, press release or promotional articles, product descriptions or product reviews, our content writers excel at everything. It is not merely the writing style or the choice of words but the ability to understand the customer and speak their language that sets VerticalWriting apart. We create copies with sprinkles of innovation, interplay of words evoking stupendous emotions, which we bring upon by focusing solely on the customers, diving deeply into their minds and finally convincing them to the point where they say, “yes we like what you’ve got!”

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Compelling, well-written copy from VerticalWriting makes you look professional, smart, and convincing.

eCommerce Copywriting Services

In a virtual store, your prospects cannot see or touch your product. In an incredibly short span of time you have to catch their attention, acquaint them with the details of your product and ultimately convince them to buy it. If the written word detailing your product leaves any doubts in the mind of your potential customers about the precise features of your product, or how it adds to their advantage, a competitor’s retail site is only a click away!


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Blog Writing and Management

Blogs are no more confined as mere tools for personal expression. Today, blogs offer a kaleidoscope of opportunities with the manifold advantages for a business establishment, whether operating in large, medium or small scale. It gives voice to a firm, engages the present and prospective clients, and creates a strong web presence. Blogs are considered as the cornerstones of social media that can be flawlessly used for social media campaigns.


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Localization/ Translation Services

With our Localization Services, we support you in suitably adapting your products, applications or documenting content to smoothly correspond with the linguistic, cultural and regional requirements of a specific locale. We understand that culture plays a profound role in shaping up people’s perceptions vis-à-vis a product or brand, represented through advertisements and marketing messages.


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Welcome to VerticalWriting

VerticalWriting is an experienced team of content writers, domain specialists, researchers, editors and proof-readers – with diverse backgrounds in literature, language, technology and marketing – who write fresh and original web copies that are powerful, concise, scannable, objective and most importantly persuasive and error-free.


Besides writing content that boosts your efficiency in a ‘No Touch Sales’ environment, we can also handle your PR and article submission, blog, commenting and posting to the foremost directories and submission sites, leading to conversation and sharing to keep you extensively covered even in other facets of content creation, marketing and management.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a sample job free of cost?
  • Are revisions included in your quotation?
  • Who owns the rights to the content you write for us?
  • How do you ensure plagiarism-free content?
  • Can I hire Dedicated Content Writers from you?
  • Can you accommodate my request, if I have a close deadline?
  • How do I get started?


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What Customers say

“Excellent in depth industry knowledge, tech savvy, very cooperative and smallest of queries are handled as the utmost priority.”
“I am indeed impressed with VerticalWriting and most willingly recommend this team to any enterprise that requires captivating content – their writing was brilliant in every way.”
Sandra Falcone


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We Are Different. Discover It For Yourself!

  • Our writing is focused not on you, but on your audience!
  • We come armed with skills and experience
  • We are result-oriented
  • We understand the essentials of SEO
  • We are multi-faceted
  • We are completely transparent
  • We forge long-term relationship with our clients

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Discover the difference we made through our Content Writing Services for one of our clients, and how we can help you.
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