Localization Services

Just because your marketing campaign was a colossal success in your home country does not mean it will work equally well in another. LOCALIZE to target non-English speakers in their native language!

Localization Services at VerticalWriting

Is your business confined to your own country? Make your product / service accessible and engaging to a foreign audience, not only linguistically but also culturally.

At VerticalWriting, we not only translate the core text of your website / products / services, we also recognize the cultural implications of it. We tend to fathom how it might be perceived by a foreign national and acclimatize it to reflect the target language, culture and social standards, instead of merely “sticking to the text”.

What our Localization Services Cover?

As part of our Global Content Management strategy, we offer our localization services in over 100 languages. We enable many specialist business verticals and niches to effortlessly localize and culturally tailor their messages for their target market. We work for all industry verticals – wherever information and communication technologies are employed.

Our localization services cover a range of application areas including:

  • Localization of Software and Applications: The entire content related with user interface, user manual, tutorials and help, etc.
  • Website Localization: Right from your homepage to webinars, and every other information your company provides online.
  • Documentation Localization: This includes localization of catalogs, product brochures, newsletters, press releases, marketing collaterals, data sheets, learning material, business reports, white papers, etc.
  • Localization of Multi-Media/ eLearning Material: We manage content in multiple languages for diverse audiences, working right from adapting the grade structure to drafting new country-specific content, localizing training, online seminar and presentation videos together with their audio content, and ensuring that all the learning information is current and correct at all times.
  • Localized Editing and Publishing: Applying our desktop publishing skills, our content writers can provide you with complete, dependable and error-free editing and publishing of your documents.
  • Localization for Foreign Language SEO: We localize, optimize and promote your company’s website in a variety of foreign language search engines, as part of gaining online credibility – allowing you to expand your reach and visibility in your foreign target markets.

Language Proficiency

We cover all relevant languages, viz.:

  • Western European languages comprising four variants (USA, Canada, Latin America and Brazil)
  • Eastern European languages
  • Languages of the Middle East
  • Asian languages

Our Localization Process

Consultation – We advise you in the area of localization and internationalization by understanding your location and objectives, and in view of that draft a custom plan of action and implementation strategy.

Localize – We will localize your content or communication material and test the localized products in your target country and market to ensure that it evokes the same response as the original.

On-Going Support – We support you all through your localization venture. We assign a Project Manager who will help you effectively handle localized content, test management, and quality assurance of your localization project.

Get in Touch
To know how our localization services can benefit your business, please get in touch with us. Email your query to us at info@verticalwriting.com.