Press Release Writing Services

Press Release: A Credible and Cost-Effective Way to Publicity

Whether you are running a publicly traded firm or operating a private business, you need to communicate with the masses to attract business and earn goodwill. A well-written press release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the target audience and enhance your business image.

Why is Press Release Needed?

Press Release is an effective and credible way of generating business these days. Credibility is something that every company aspires to achieve in order to get the faith and confidence of the people it serves. It is indeed one of the most powerful tools to promote and market a business. It not only opens door to media coverage but also produces a stream of traffic directly to your website.

What We Offer?

VerticalWriting ensures that you get the right platform to address your target audience with informative and relevant content. We create highly effective press releases to disseminate information about your company or the products and services it offers. It will surely give you an edge over your competition and will boost your revenues and business, earning you public credibility and confidence.

We provide you content that is

  • Striking
  • Informative
  • Relevant
  • Targeted
  • Credible

Key Features of Our Press Release

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Crisp and Objective
  • Right Key Words
  • Professionally Written in a Newsworthy Format

Writers at Vertical Writing create press releases that square with your requirements and objectives. We create customized content, keeping in mind your target audience to get your message across clearly and effectively. Our focus is not to create evidently promotional write-ups but informative and objective content that is consistent with the PR industry standards.

The Bottom Line

Every company is striving hard to make its presence felt on the internet. But very few have actually been able to leave their mark. A newsworthy and well-formatted press release can take you to heights by contributing not only to your website’s ranking, but also to your business.

Please get in touch with us today for Press Release Writing Services.