Consumer Electronics

Are you looking for an eCommerce Catalogue Writing team that specialises in writing product descriptions and reviews for consumer electronics?

Consumer Electronics Description Writing and Project Management at VerticalWriting

What’s the top-secret to retailing consumer products? It’s pretty straightforward: Create yearning, meet requirements and gratify aspirations.

When you play on creating appealing portrayal of products, they directly touch the senses and the subconscious of your consumers. Apt descriptions incept the seeds of desire for products your unsuspecting customers never saw the need for! Imagine if we can do that for electronic items your customers had no awareness of, and consequently no desire – what not we can do for your hot-selling stuff…

At VerticalWriting, we are proficient at writing action-oriented content for a wide assortment of consumer electronics offerings, including cell phones and accessories, cameras and photo, computers and networking, TV, video and audio, video games and systems, to name a few. We provide copy for consumer electronics enterprises and eCommerce Stores across the world.

With our consumer electronics copywriting services, we deliver absorbing, factually correct, well researched and rewarding solutions to your communication challenges. We are brilliant at creative thinking, persuasive copywriting and crafting tailor-made communications precisely focused on your product, and your target customer group.

VerticalWriting is well resourced with experienced writers, researchers, editors, proof-readers and a dedicated project manager for individual client project.

What makes VerticalWriting Different?

  • Our writers have experience copywriting for enterprise-scale eCommerce shops and global websites, and excel at creating engaging digital experiences for your prospects and consumers.
  • Our writers bring creative concepts to life through interactive electronics product copy that instantly bonds with the hearts and minds of our consumers.
  • Our VerticalWriting are profoundly passionate about electronics and gadgets, and can write about technology in a way all can understand, maintaining a voice that’s unassuming, creative, social and human.
  • We ensure that your electronics descriptions are accurate, factually current and consistent.
  • We communicate frequently with key project stakeholders to research and gather information.
  • We can revise or edit our descriptions based on your suggestions or to incorporate regulatory, legal requirements.
  • We can offer valuable inputs to support evolve your online stores’ or organizations’ online copywriting standards, completely adhering to your editorial style guidelines.

Please let us know how we can help you with our consumer electronics copywriting, or get in touch with us for a free sample job.

What We Cover Through Our Consumer Electronics Copywriting Services?

  • Accessories & Supplies
  • Camera & Photo
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Computers & Accessories
  • eBook Readers & Accessories
  • Electronics Warranties
  • GPS & Navigation
  • Home Audio
  • Office Electronics
  • Portable Audio & Video
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Service & Replacement Plans
  • Television & Video
  • Car & Vehicle Electronics