Jewellery and Watches Description Writing Services

Got a collection of diamond and pearls collecting dust? Cash in on your collection with high-value content!

Make a Splash with Brilliant Copywriting from VerticalWriting

In the world of eCommerce, a site’s copy is one of its most vital elements. Having absolutely unique and quality copy on your site is more critical than ever. VerticalWriting is equipped with a team of experienced and talented jewellery copywriters capable of turning around large volumes of jewellery and watch descriptions quickly and easily!

At VerticalWriting, our eCommerce copywriters are leading experts and completely understand that your product descriptions are both an information source and a marketing tool. We conduct comprehensive research about your pieces of jewellery or watch, and meticulously determine signatures, markings, dates, brands or engravings. Our seasoned jewellery writers also strive to figure out its time of production and the company or jeweller responsible for designing and manufacturing it, the stones and materials used, and most importantly its exclusivity and antiquity. Such graphical detailing helps you not only educate your buyers and increase the desirability, but also position your item at a premium value.

What Makes Jewellery Writing Complex and Specialized?

If one is not fortified with profound understanding of prevailing styles, materials, gemstones, and colours, associated with jewellery, they might just inadvertently drop the ball in the dark. From diamonds and gemstones to platinum and gold to even glass beads and leather, there is an interminable selection of materials used in jewellery creation.

Our eCommerce jewellery catalogue copywriters are proficient at writing about:

  • Precious gemstones and semi-precious gems comprising rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to dazzling aquamarines, opals, topaz, and turquoise, etc.
  • Complete range of pearl jewellery based on classic pearls, freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls, to name a few
  • Diamond jewellery in both loose stones or fixed in jewellery pieces with comprehensive specifications about the four Cs defining the cut, carat, clarity, and colour
  • Precious metal jewellery produced from everlasting platinum, glimmering gold, and scintillating silver
  • One-of-a-kind and hard to find handcrafted, artisan, and ethnic jewellery, or colourful ornamental beads
  • Original vintage and antique jewellery originating from a particular period, or replicated traditional reproductions for a timeless, antiqued and unique look
  • Men’s jewellery or accessories comprising rings, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, chains, belt buckles, and tie tacks, etc.
  • High-end women’s fashion jewellery encompassing a complete assortment of rings, necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets and body jewellery, etc. in a variety of materials

With Optimized Writing, Get the Most from Your Jewellery Selling

Our Jewellery writers through their appealing and genuine descriptions can propel your online success. Appropriately using the keywords in your listing title, they help your buyers discover your jewellery and watch items. Using the characters wisely in their listing description, they make sure that it is concise, well structured, and easy-to-read, embracing both basic information like material, brand, size, certification, retail price, and fascinating niceties about your item from the buyer’s perspective.

If you want your jewellery descriptions to amaze and compel, enlighten and engage, get in touch with VerticalWriting. Quality description writing will not only define your brand and offer enhanced credibility, but also help you grow your search traffic and increase sales.