Online Content Marketing for a Large Social Enterprise

The Client

A US-based client focused on solving complex and global, social and economic problems related to food, energy, economy, society, etc., by means of simple and local initiatives.

Need for Marketing Content

The client wanted six well-written, engaging pieces of marketing articles that could do justice to its brand and promote its online presence, posted on best article sharing sites on a daily basis. Client’s major requirements, included:

  • Top quality articles written by experienced copywriters in related subject areas
  • Content that voiced a compelling story, which website/ blog administrators would most willingly like to publish as guest post!
  • Articles laced with keywords, promoting the site
  • Sharing the article link on social media sites


The client did not have the required resources to do this kind of content marketing work in-house. Seeking a partner to work closely with and for long-term, the client had a number of significant criteria:

  • The client wanted a partner who shared their passion for the subject and was efficient at conducting a comprehensive research of the required information.
  • Wide-ranging information pertaining to maximizing the improvements in human and environmental well-being, paired with bringing in profits for external shareholders.
  • To gain effective readership, articles needed to be posted and promoted quickly, maintaining the element of newness at all points of time.
  • The client required well researched and well-proofed, ready-to-publish articles that they could rely on for the accuracy of facts, and did not need to spend time revising or reviewing it.
  • The client needed the flexibility to adjust the scope of the project over the course of a year contingent on the results it brought in or changes in the project focus, etc.

The Solution

The client chose VerticalWriting to partner with them in content production for some of these reasons:

  • To create six, quality written, thoroughly researched and well-formatted marketing articles, VerticalWriting deployed a team of two senior content writers and a copyeditor and proofreader.
  • VerticalWriting has over five years of experience in SEO Article Writing and Marketing. The strong domain knowledge of the company assured the client of its capabilities of delivering relevant, researched and optimized subject matter information with high levels of accuracy.
  • VerticalWriting is equipped with a team of 45 expert full-time content writers, and is able to provide the client with flexibility to scale up and down, as and when required.
  • To work together successfully, we established an open, clear and consistent line of communication – regularly sharing the progress of the project with the client, and incorporating their suggestions, if any. The working relationship truly became a broad equivalent of Vulcan mind meld.

The Results

This project supported the client in creating content-rich, SEO-enhanced articles that could be posted as guest blog or as PDF on document sharing sites – focused on social enterprise orientation, their aims, social ownership, etc., the links of which could be circulated through social media sites.

  • The reader base has multiplied several hundred times
  • Benefitted the website with valuable back-links and more traffic
  • Created a prolific knowledge base for the readers

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