Interview Transcription Services

With an interview transcription experience of over 15000 hours and counting, we, at VerticalWriting, assure you hundred per cent accurate transcription services. Our clients come from various milieus like social networking, television, radio, media, marketing academics, insurance, law, etc., and trust us completely to exactly transcribe interviews.

Other than having the aptitude for transcribing an interview without errors, whether conducted over the table, phone or Skype, our professional transcriptionists also have amazing linguistic abilities. We are equally comfortable with diverse English accents and usages. Our professionals will pay extra attention to special interviews and transcribe them with particular care. In case you want only your senior staff to access their transcripts, we will create a password encrypted file for you.

We follow a four- tier interview transcription procedure comprising:

  • Transcription
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Summary

We have handpicked our team of transcriptionists who are English speaking; university educated professionals having a strong understanding of jargon pertaining to different domains. They have the right skills to transcribe complex financial and medical interviews, providing high quality and error-free output.

We help you commit the following kinds of interviews to text:

  • One to one interviews
  • Multiple participant interviews
  • Legal interviews
  • Journalistic interviews
  • Radio interviews
  • Marketing research interviews
  • Criminal interrogation
  • Press briefing
  • Psychological interviews
  • Webcast interviews
  • University interviews
  • Group discussions

You can get your interviews transcribed from us three ways:

  • In the first method, our trained transcriptionist will convert everything uttered during the interview including uhm, uh, ers, you know, etc., slang words like gotta, gonna, wanna, etc., with expressions and remarks like coughing, pauses and laughter put within brackets.
  • The second method will see the exclusion of uhm, uh, er, you know etc., with slang words like gotta, gonna, wanna, etc., included.
  • The last method will only have relevant information in the transcript leaving aside the unwanted portions like false starts, stutters, etc.

Our editorial team has hands-on experience in delivering reliable transcripts with cost-saving benefits and faster TAT. We offer you a free trial of 5 minutes. You can either upload your WAV, MP3, MP4, AVI, AAC, MOV, MPG, DSS, WMA audio files on our secured FTP server or send us the DVDs, CDs or audio cassettes of the interviews. We make sure that you don’t have to take the pain of rechecking and editing everything, giving you an access to accurately transcribed files. You can specify the desired length of the transcript while outsourcing transcription work to us.

We make ourselves available to you 24*7 on Phone, Skype and Email. Kindly get in touch with us or write to us at