Media Transcription Services

At VerticalWriting, we have professional transcriptionists who have an all-encompassing media transcription experience. They have done transcription for news channels, production houses, studios, reality shows, soap operas, talk shows and documentaries. Our vastly experienced and highly trained transcriptionists are never hindered by different accents. They are versatile and skilled in different subject areas ensuring domain-specific and accurate transcripts to our wide range of clientele.

Substantial experience in media transcription has made us skilled in transcribing:

  • Game shows/comedy shows
  • Commentary
  • Teleseminar
  • Theatre acts/movie script/ad films/animations
  • TV broadcasts/radio broadcasts/podcasts
  • Videotaped events/ YouTube videos/music videos
  • Corporate videos/ educational videos
  • Multi person interviews/ panel discussions

Our media transcription services are also designed for individuals like journalists, bloggers, radio jockeys, etc. We give you a ready-to-publish transcript within the stipulated timeframe and the option to select a hiring model which best suits your purpose.

While our transcriptionists ensure that the transcript is precise in terms of terminology and content, our proofreaders ensure perfection in format, style, punctuations and grammar. You can also specify the formatting guidelines to us and our proof readers will adhere to it.

Our media transcription services can be classified into two types:

  • Clean Read Style: In this style, we will eliminate the uhms, ers, ohs and the pauses producing easy-to-read transcript
  • Full continuity style: This style comprises cut-to-cut transcriptions which will include the dialogs, background music, on-screen graphics, cues, credits, etc.

We also have the required expertise in time stamping or time coding, transcription of B-roll footages and dubbing in multiple languages. Transcriptionists at VerticalWriting will insert a time code, subtitles, open and closed captions and scene changes as per your demand.

We have the capability to transcribe 2500 minutes of videos in 24 hours regardless of the noise, interruptions and disturbance in them. We work with many different formats and deliver the correct message to the audience with our media transcription services. To ensure complete security and confidentiality of the media content and your information, we have designed a highly secure server upload system with password encryption, user logins and access cards. This will allow only your senior executives to upload and download the file on our FTP server.

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